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2023 NC State meet cut off scores for Regionals

If you have gymnasts that have achieved the score shown below or better, at the 2023 NC State Meets, they have qualified to Region 8 Regionals.

Sapphire 34.0 AA 

Diamond 35.30 AA

Silver  37.775 AA

Gold 36.675

Platinum 35.425


Level 6: 37.35 AA

Level 7:  36.875 AA

Level 8: 35.525 AA

USA Gymnastics Executive Leadership Team

Wondering who the new leadership is at USA Gymnastics? Click below to read bios and watch videos of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) of USA Gymnastics. Don't miss "On A Lighter Note..."

2022-2023 NC-USAG Rules and Operations

This is the document where you can find qualifying scores for JO Levels and Xcel Divisions, competition and athlete registration fees, names and contact numbers for NC USA Gymnastics State Committee, State Meet competition formats, Clubs of the Year and other often needed information for coaches, gym owners and gymnasts. It is updated each year over prior to the start of the season.

The link can be found here and under the"NC Info" tab.

2022-23 NC-USAG Rules & Operations

Call for RACC Nominations

Nominations will be accepted for Region 8 RACC up to 11:59pm on Friday, March 31st.  No late nominations will be accepted.

Information relevant to this election can be found here:

Karen Pleasants

Karen Pleasants

North Carolina State Administrative Committee Chair (SACC)

Phone: 919-606-2315